Dis Charge takes to the stage the same way a lioness devours an antelope, guts first. Her performances are always compelling, beautiful and gorgeously gross.

Tuesday Laveau 2013

Dis Charge does things on stage… dirty things. At present, Miss Dis has two acts available for booking – 1 including live singing and the other incorporating elements of gorelesque and shlock horror – remember, the front row is NOT for the fragile…

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday as performed at the Bristol Burlesque Festival 2013

‘Gloomy Sunday’ as performed at the Bristol Burlesque Festival (Smoke and Mirrors 2013). Photo courtesy of Michael Goes Click

Dis Charge re-interprets the classic Rezso Seress sombre epic, ‘Gloomy Sunday’ (Desmond Carter variation). Showcasing a baritone vocal and some serious rubber face-work, Miss Dis utilized this performance in her debut for the Bristol Burlesque Festival 2013. Tuesday Laveau and Tiger Tiger, organisers and producers of the BBF and its ‘Exclusivity’ final night showing, had this to say…

We have had the great pleasure of working with Dis Charge as part of the Bristol Burlesque Festival. As MC at our teaser show the indomitable Ms Dis hosted our show with skill and sass, keeping the audience pepped up – they laughed, they cried, they were occasionally terrified! We were delighted that Dis Charge was able to perform at one of our main shows, a breathtaking performance. The audience was rapt – mesmerised by an amazing voice and commanding presence. We have had nothing but good feedback from the audience about Dis Charge, our only non striptease act of the Festival, she made quite the impression. We would not hesitate to work with Dis Charge again in the future!!

Plague Mass

Plague Mass excerpt from live performance @ Cabaret Abattoir (Empire Theatre, Bristol 2013) as shot by Tony Barrett Powell

Plague Mass excerpt from live performance @ Cabaret Abattoir (Empire Theatre, Bristol 2013) as shot by Tony Barrett Powell

‘Plague Mass’ promises a confrontational and campy gorelesque extravaganza. Channeling Divine’s whacked out queer aggression and punk appeal, Dis takes to the stage in gothic garb as boil bearer complete with feathered Venetian masks and velvet cloaks only to delight and disgust with crude slashings and smatterings of green custard gore – set to the grunge fury of Mudhoney’s, ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’. You WILL need a towel!

Courtesy of Emma Louise Nye

Organisers of Cabaret Abattoir, Pariah Circus had this to say of ‘Plague Mass’..

Dis Charge took the stage like a thing possessed, looking 7 foot tall in sky scraper heels, all over fishnet and a white blonde afro wig like some beautiful demented demon with a halo to the cacophonous tune of Mudhoney’s ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’. She goaded the crowd, haunching down to show off her revolting leg pustules and ripping them open with scissors to spray the adoring masses with a putrid yellow and green ooze. Straddling a chair, she tore open a groin pustule and flung it over the stage before reaching into her corset bra and exploding her diseased breasts. Dripping pus she writhed in her mess on the floor, leering out at the spattered audience, rolling in her filth and thrusting her groin at the audience. She ruled the stage, she took the audience by the balls and rubbed her dirty filth into their open mouths and quite frankly, we’re looking forward to her next appearance at Cabaret Abattoir…

'Plague Mass' Pustule Popping! As shot by Michael Goes Click @ Cabaret Abattoir (Empire Theatre, 2013)

‘Plague Mass’ Pustule Popping! As shot by Michael Goes Click @ Cabaret Abattoir (Empire Theatre, 2013)

Missed Me

As a huge fan of the Punk Cabaret performance duo, the Dresden Dolls, Miss Dis offers her own take on their classic ‘Missed Me’. Recent performances of this at Dr Sketchys in Bristol curated by Lou Leigh Blue and David Hammonds were well received and future renditions are in the pipeline…

Courtesy of Dr Sketchys

 The Swamp Witch/Boo Hag of the Bayou

Dis Charge’s Boo Hag/Swamp Witch performances contrast ‘Wicked Glamour’ with monstrous mangrove realness. The Boo Hag utilizes a wicked witch of the west visual reference whilst the Swamp Witch comes plastered in grey muck that cracks as she moves alongside heavy dark shadow contour. These performances often include an unconventional ‘Glove Peel’ and are choreographed to a live sung rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Run Through the Jungle’


‘Mars Attracts’

Miss Dis unleashes her otherworldly Alien Queen on an unsuspecting audience!

Inspired by Tim Burton’s ‘Mars Attacks’, this performance transports you to the darkest depths of galactic showbiz and discovers the ‘highs’ and lows that make a monsters career – who knew all that powder was so… addictive?

The piece is set to a backing of Marilyn Manson’s the Dope Show whilst Bristols very own outer-limit chanteuse rages against the tabloids on vocal duties.

New acts are currently underway and if you are interested in booking Dis Charge for your show or have any questions regarding performance please feel free to e-mail, here:


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