Projects and Places

WWW.PDCLUB.CO.UK Psycho:Drama – Bristol’s only gay alternative night club – Metanoia Makeup Artistry – One – the Movie, Bristol based film project Bristol Burlesque Super Vixens DirtyFilthySexy Nottingham Alternative Gay night Bollox – Manchester based alternative Gay night Queer Zine Archive Project Queer Control Records Divine Coffee Nottingham Dark Waters Festival Infest industrial Festival Catacomb Bristol goth and industrial event the Gryphon – Bristol Real Metal and Ale Pub Queenshilling Bristol gay club – home of Psycho:Drama

People GB Jones – Phenomenal artist and former member of 5th Column, current member of Opera Arcana Legendary queen and originating member of the Queercore movement Alternative Model based in Bristol, sister and Djane for Psycho:Drama Tranimal superstar and blood bitch – BUY HER THINGS! Lingusitics Blog by the wonderful Lukey Roo MichaelGoesCLICK AMAZING Bristol based photographer Camrakaze Another AMAZING Bristol based photographer Jed Phoenix Of London Clothing – seriously brilliant clothing designer! Exceedlingly talented photographer and director, Mel Jones Official site of the great witch, Diamanda Galas Official site of Lydia Lunch Marc Huestis official web presence. Film Maker, former Angel of Light and all round wonder David Weissman film maker and director of such films as ‘The Cockettes’ and ‘Beauties Without a Cause’


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