Jed Phoenix and the manor house

So, a couple of weeks ago – last Monday to be precise, I was asked by the lovely Tini Von Doom ( make-up artist and model extraordinaire, to play MUA on Jed Phoenix’s first ever fashion video! It was a long day held up by terrible weather which delayed our arrival as well as that of two of our models but absolutely fantastic all the same.

We started out at around quarter to six, wonderfully, no taxi would pick us up so myself and Tini had to trek across Bristol to our ride at Temple Meads in the pouring rain. Once we arrived to meet the lovely Phoenix and James Artaius, a little soggy and tired but glad to be out of the rain and in good company, we began the journey to North Cadbury and the set of the shoot – a beautiful stately manor currently being transformed into a guest house of sorts.

Once there, and after a short meet and greet with the lovely Jed Phoenix (!/pages/Jed-Phoenix-of-London/209546261874?fref=ts) and our directors Mel Jones and Claire Hurst, we got down to business. Tini made herself over for the Geisha shoot whilst I beat face for Phoenix and James. The set up, whilst a little cold in the basement, was perfect and soon warmed up once the lights were on. A simple Byōbu and candles against a sparce white room acted as the perfect backdrop to the gorgeously tailored designs Jed had prepared – classic Kimono robes in a pallet of black, red and blue. The models looked beautiful and, without giving away the entire concept of this first film (there are three), their ritualistic motions and subtle movements really suited the high drama of the clothes.

After a few finishing touches to make-up and the removal of one deceased lizard, Katra (a beautiful young lady and one of the stars of todays filming) and I headed outside for a breath of fresh air. Katra, who had travelled all the way down from Barry for the shoot, had been up since 5am with Jed, Mel and Claire to help prepare the shoot and make us sandwiches and goody bags *YUM* 🙂

Our second set of models arrived after suffering the same problem as us; torrential rain had caused flooding and delays as well as cancelled trains and traffic jams. I set to work on Rosie (Jed’s intern/model) and Kyle.

Round two kicked off with Kyle (looking very dashing) in a tailored bondage suit with royal purple flourishes, I set to work on a freshly shaven James upstairs, who in between nipple rubbing kept me in hysterics as I painted him up. Rosie had now donned her bustle skirt piece with it’s thirties touches and looked stunning. Tini had now transformed herself from jet black to red head and looked stunning in her fetishistic military suit in preparation for the third act. We were running a tad behind schedule thanks to the weather but Mel and Claire were phenomenal all the way through, in fact they rocked! In downtime and between cigarettes I acted as lightstand to help out as well as occasional mirror polisher 🙂 Totally worth it, I loved every second of it in fact!

Katra, who had been shooting a couple of pieces with Kyle at the beginning of the second half, now also donned the bustle skirt as worn by Rosie for a seduction/domination scene with James -the girl ROCKS an icy stare and gimp mask combo!

It was coming up to 10pm and god were we tired so thankfully we were able to raid the coffee and sneak a little pick me up before we had to finish everything up and pack all the equipment away.

The shoot was excellent and Phoenix was kind enough to drop myself, Tini and Katra back in Bristol – Kyle dropped the lovely Rosie at the station and made his way back to Essex – I dread to think what time he got home!

It was such a pleasure to work on this shoot – my first of this nature, of course I’m gutted I couldn’t use a couple of stocking masks and give everyone my trade mark barely there lip line :p but I had such a blast and can’t wait to see the final product!

Lots of love to Jed Phoenix, Mel Jones and Claire Hurst for getting this all together!

Open sores and bleeding wounds

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