In Response to Julie Burchill

Wow, another bigoted idiot masquerading as an intellectual. In the grand tradition of murderous idiocy, Burchill has attacked the trans-lobbyists for daring to decry sloppy usage of language and vile sentiment as applied to her friend. Guess what Burchill, you’re a hate mongering monster, how dare you attack the transgendered for having an opinion that contradicts your narrow view. You are openly discriminatory and contradict yourself countless times. Your initial defense of your friend who described the plight of women who don’t adhere to ‘Brazillian transexual’ standards of beauty is beyond the pale, firstly why would anyone use such an outdated and bigoted image and secondly who would you assume that every transperson looks a certain way – I believe your words were ‘bed wetters in bad wigs’ and then further attack the intelligence of these individuals. I’d rather not look to you and your ‘swinging PhD’ for guidance on these matters, I think I’d prefer to look to someone articulate enough to construct arguments without relying on incorrect imagery, prejudicial slander and total ignorance. If any of you are interested and would like to look into trans activism and rights as well as the broad landscape of creativity and artistry that has helped make this world a safer and more beautiful place to live in, please look up Sylvia Rivera or Calpernia Sarah Addams two idols of mine who inspire countless thousands with their bravery, honesty and positivity. (The Sylvia Rivera Law Project set up in honour of the late trans-activist) Lynee Breedlove of Tribe 8 Рtrans activist, musician, author and comedian

Original Post by Burchill