Who/what are you?

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Who is Dis Charge? Where does (S)he come from?  What is wrong with its breasts? All valid questions, but, questions that are typically left unanswered. There are rumours however.

Some say that Miss Dis is the survivor of a gene splicing experiment gone whorribly wrong, others maintain that she clawed her way up from the depths of the Mariana trench on one of James Camerons submersibles. Either way, the troubling Miss Dis brings you punk-rock fury, tits for days and a face that not even a mother could love. She is a queercore nightmare who spends her time beating face, DJ’ing for the South Wests’ only gay alternative club night; Psycho:Drama (www.pdclub.co.uk), listening to music and interviewing subcultural luminaries and writing about drag and its effect on alternative rock subcultures. Sometimes, he does all of these things well!

Of late, it is not uncommon to find Miss Dis treading the boards with a host of Bristol’s finest burlesque super vixens often as both compere and performer. Her debut was at the 2013 Bristol Burlesque Festival at Smoke and Mirrors for the ‘Exclusivity’ showcase, this was quickly followed by a disgusting turn for the crowds in attendance of the legendary, Cabaret Abattoir. Since these fabulous events, Dis Charge has performed a number of times for the BBF crew and has bookings for more engagements including Dr. Sketchys in 2014. If you would like to see her/his performances in the flesh, feel free to drop her a friend request on Facebook or check out the booking and contact sections of this site for more info.

Welcome to Talking Toxic, Dis-Charges corner of the world wide web-averse. It can be a dark and lonely place, so make sure you slap on enough vibrant paint when you’re reading. It’ll help you see past the gloom.

Bile and Bruises




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