The Bristol Burlesque Festival 2014


As many of you will have now read, Bristol Burlesque Festivals Tiger Tiger has taken her final (for now!) curtain call and will be stepping aside from her production role at this years celebration of South West centered talent. I have been asked, and accepted, the responsibility of working within this role alongside the uber-talented, Tuesday Laveau.

I would like to say the following in regards to this; It was a huge honour and surprise to be asked to join the running team for 2014’s upcoming 3 day event and a decision I do not take lightly. Tiger has set the bar HIGH, higher than my heels take me alone and I am fully aware that her legacy as producer and content creator for the Coochie Crunch site is a lasting and truly brilliant one. If I can live up to as much as half of her legacy I will be supremely proud. 

Looking foward, I’m truly excited to be embarking on the road to this years festival with the enormously talented Tuesday, and will be working closely with herself to deliver the next installment of Burlesque bad-assery this October.



Again, I would like to state that Tiger is a truly awesome human being that I have the vast privilege to call a friend. Her presence within the the Bristol Burlesque scene has encouraged a wealth of performers along the way and I will never forget laughing, loving and living for her routines. I hope to someday again, witness her ‘Go Ape’ and unleash the ‘Manticore’ on unsuspecting audience members.

Here’s to you Tigress, to Tuesday Laveau and to the Bristol Burlesque Fest 2014!

With all the love in the world,

Dis Charge



2 thoughts on “The Bristol Burlesque Festival 2014

  1. You are adorable! I have absolutely no reservations about you being able to not only step up to the mark but over it! You are such an amazingly talented being, I can’t wait to see what lays ahead!

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