4 Years!!! Can you believe it?! That’s 4 whole years of serving the alternative queer community in Bristol, with huge helpings of rock, punk, industrial, electro, queercore, riot grrrl, metal and more. It’s been crazy! We’ve seen performance art super sexy strippers doing what they do inside gigantic inflatable balloons, we’ve seen gladiators, electro insanity, punk rock rising stars and a whole hosts of gorgeous guys and gals from the Bristol Burlesque scene shaking their money makers for wonderful causes …as well as for sheer entertainment, oh yeah, and recently we had Vladimir putin beaten with nettles live on stage by a member of Pussy Riot… These things make us seriously smile!
To celebrate this milestone in PD history we welcome back the sensational, T-toe to our stage. This whacked out, dub-stepping, trombone tooting electronic wizard will have your fannys shaking and your feet freaking! Recently interviewed by ShoutOut and now a native of Bristol, make sure you grab him a pint after his set and tell him how much you love him, if you can tear us away from doing the same that is :o)
As you may have guessed, there is a theme here! B-MOVIE! That’s right, dress to distress darlings, it’s time to break out your best monster or your baby jane, bad-taste is best-taste for PD and prizes will be awarded to best (or worst) dressed!
So come, join the PsychoDrama crew as we celebrate 4 years of music, magic and mayhem at The Queen Shilling – 10pm til 4am £3 before 11, £4 after – money will be donated from this evening’s entertainment to a worthy cause TBA…
Be seein’ ya…

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