BBC and the Bristol Burlyfest 2013

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, I took part in the Bristol Burlesque festival final showcase at Smoke and Mirrors, performing my Gloomy Sunday routine.

It was a huge deal for me to perform here as well as to be booked and perform for the tremendous Cabaret Abattoir later in the month. I had an absolute blast and met/worked with some absolutely wonderful people during these shows and couldn’t have been more pleased with the resulting memories (and photos thanks to, Michael, Josie and TBP).

As part of a project focusing on Bristol life and culture a certain mister Barry Batchelor, took some shots of us outside the Smoke and Mirrors venue post performance and entered them into a competiton which won a motherfucking prize and ended up having myself, the gorgeous Tiger Tiger, Didi Curve, Honey and Jacque Bruxelle plastered all over the BBC!!!

Go have a gander!!!

Here’s another couple of the shots from the set, I live for this…




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