She's Real, Worse Than Queer

She’s Real, Worse Than Queer

When I was coming out, I drew a huge amount of inspiration from bands linked heavily with the movement known as Queercore. There were bands associated with this genre whose music endlessly inspired and continues to inspire me, groups such as The Dead Betties and Fifth Column, Team Dresch and Cypher in the Snow, Tribe 8 and Triple Creme or Cholita!.
I was always searching for music and video created by members of the gay underground whose experience was similar to mine, who spoke about the things that I was encountering and the fear that surrounded being different from those around me because of my homosexuality. Of course, there were any number of musicians and performers who I resonate/d with and who had deeply affected me but hearing someone as powerful as Joshua Starr or Donna Dresch or Lynnee Breedlove articulating the emotions that were percolating away inside me as I built up the courage to come out to my family deeply inspired me.
This music was hard and heavy, honest and powerful but made by queer musicians! People who I thought had been lost in a sea of posturing pseudo rockers and sham punks whose idea of liberation seemed only to benefit themselves. They were REAL and LOUD and ANGRY and they STILL ARE!!!
There was a documentary released in 1997 by director Lucy Thane which I have found has been released on Vimeo under her official account and if you would like a glimpse into the scene documented by those involved then please head on over to her page, watch the film and if you were as moved by the music associated with the Queercore genres, let her know how damn brilliant it was to see the proof that these homocore, nightmare punk rockers put out some fantastic music during their careers and that it mattered and continues to matter to a whole load of aspiring queer artists, musicians and drag punk misfits


Bile and Bruises
Dis Charge


4 thoughts on “SHE’S REAL, WORSE THAN QUEER!

  1. I love that film! I was involved in the London Queercore scene and your piece has me grinning with happy memories. I met Lucy Thane in San Francisco and was very excited to see her film at a queer film festival in London. Really glad it’s still available.

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