Psycho:Drama RFZ, Up and Coming Events, Queer’d Science and more…


Hallo ladies and gentlemen!

The first event in our new home has come and gone! Running From Zombies were fabulous, a great slice of pop-punk energy to usher in our new residency. It was great to see both old faces and new as we hoped that our core audience would follow us over to our new venue and continue to support us, I was so pleased with the level of support the PD crew has received since announcing the move.


Ruby Roseblade looked beautiful as always handing out shots in her 50’s gore couture and was joined later on by our half translator, half zombie Luke Rudge (master of the webaverse) and mute marionette Piss Elegant who was our master/mistress of ceremonies deciding on contest winnners. We also had DJ’s Retrosexual and Penny Bizarre on the decks alongside our usual compliment of resident spinners and received some fantastic feedback about the night.

DC rfz

Onwards and upwards, our next event will be on April 12th and will feature the return of Penny Bizarre on decks as well as our residents ANT, DeadPunkBoy and Tini Von Doom. Get your requests in and your dancing shoes on!!!! Here’s the event listing on FB and the new poster:

PD Revolution Viii

Also, my incredibly talented artist friend Luke Carter took me to see a fantastic punk group last night at the Cavern Club underneath the Crown, they were called Queer’d Science and they kicked absolute ass!!!! So much energy and what a sound!!!

Queer'd Science

Check them out here:

Speak soon darlings

Bile and Bruises

Dis Charge



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