Psycho:Drama presents Running From Zombies!



This Friday (8th March) witnesses the first event for the Psycho:Drama crew in their brand new home! Yes, after three years at the Hatchet we have made the move all the way across the street to the Queenshilling, corner stone of Bristol’s gay scene for many years, and now, home to Bristol’s finest gay alternative night. To celebrate this momentus occasion rising stars of the Pop Punk scene; Running From Zombies will be performing an extra special set for us! Also, the inimmitable Lou Leigh Blue (Queen of the B-Movie Merkin) will be dancing to the applause of the living dead in attendance, did I tell you?! It’s FREE ENTRY for the undead AND you can be in with a chance to win signed RFZ swag as judged by our special guest comperes Ruby Roseblade and Piss Elegant!

All of your favourite residents DJ’s will be there to keep you dancing throughout the night alongside exclusive sets by Penny Bizarre and Retrosexual!!! See how well we treat you!

Festivities begin at 9pm and get there early to make sure you get a good view! The event info is all here:

Also…. our website… IT COMES – get your bookmarks to the ready bitches!!!!!

Bile and Bruises

Dis Charge



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