The Freak Show is coming, the Freak Show is coming!!!!!

Wow!!!! It’s been three years since the Psycho:Drama explosion first struck Bristol leaving a scar of classic alternative anthems, exciting future standards and a declaration of commitment to a truly subversive dynamic. We’ve had some incredible performers spanning a wide variety of genres; from performance art to burlesque, dubstep to queercore and witnessed our friends and fellow party goers revel in the universe that has developed and continues to develop with each event.

DeadPunkBoy and ANT conceived of P:D and asked one of my earlier incarnations to help with Dj’ing and hosting – I like to think that the makeup I smeared on our patrons has never truly been washed away. Our friends Dj Str8, Lee of Duchess fame and Bit Phalanx record label founder One Little Spaceman as well as the phenomenal Dirty Filthy Sexy founders Dj’s Heathen and Glitterhawk have all been supporters of the creation that is Psycho:Drama. It has been an honour to work with such wonderful and talented people.

The spectacles have continued to evolve, our themes have varied and our core supporters have always been there dancing, singing and pushing us on throughout our various endeavours to provide a space in the south-west where the true gay alternative can not simply survive but THRIVE! It’s been a lot of work but I’ve loved every second of it and December 14th will see in our 3rd year of shining existence.

Our FreakShow bash taking place in the Queenshilling at the heart of Bristol’s gay scene will feature some incredible talent – Burlesque dancers, performance artists and controversial onstage exhibitionists. All this and extra special guest spots from LGBT alternative nights from across the country. It’s a major event and a milestone in our development.

This third year has witnessed the departure of one of our longest standing Dj’s  – Dj Str8 who has begun the adventure of raising his beautiful family (who we are so proud and elated for) as well as the induction of Dj Tini Von Doom, who many of you are aware, is my sister. DeadPunkBoy and ANT continue to inspire and drive this mad machine onwards and upwards, forever in the pursuit of the goals they established P:D with – namely to create a space in which the alternative LGBT community and its friends felt comfortable and safe to express themselves and enjoy the MUSIC that keeps us moving. I couldn’t be prouder of their achievements and for all they’ve done for the scene in Bristol! Seriously, none of this would ever have happened if it wasn’t for them and the incredible patrons who have created the Psycho:Drama family and provided us with such amazing support!

So before I get all misty eyed – sign up to the event and get your glad rags together – this December 14th the Freak Show is in town!!!!!

Bile and Bruises




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