PSYCHO:DRAMA, Wasp Women, Black lagoon Realness, Special Offers and Dates for the Calendar

Serving Karen Walker Realness @Catacomb

Hallo darlings!!!

Sorry I have been so terribly absent, though you know what they say about absence… I have been all consumed with the stresses of moving house – an ungodly task that encourages you to bend and flex, lift and strain without any of the fun sticky ending! DISGUSTING! If it wasn’t for the fact that I am now sitting comfortably in my beautiful new home watching the Herschell Gordon-Lewis classic A Taste of Blood– I think i’d have collapsed into a pile of stocking masks and cardboard boxes days ago.

Now, onto far more interesting things. PSYCHO:DRAMA is on THIS FRIDAY! And it’s gonna be a FANTABULOUS night – did you see the new flyer? GORE-GEOUS!!!! I have the most amazing new blazer for the occasion – it’s all graphic print and grotesquerie, you’re gonna SHIT YO PANTS I tells ya! This is going to be the last hurrah for us in the Hatchet until the new year as we are moving venue for the December show – yes that’s right SHOW, oh the things we have in store for you lovely creatures, you couldn’t even imagine.


Also, I did a little business deal and am now able to offer you guys something rather fabulous! If you head over to the new and improved Nice ‘n’ Naughty adult retail website and type in my name as so: DISCHARGE you can claim a 10% discount!!! See, who the hell wants a boots card when you get money off sex toys – I know what i’d rather purchase!

Other than moving house, I have been keeping myself busy with other projects. My dear friend Janey whom you will remember from the ‘Black Lagoon Realness’ blog has been beating my latex clad mug in preparation for her MUA contest which is… oh… NEXT WEEK!!! I’m so excited already – I shall post a couple of teaser pics from our dry run the other week at the end of this blog – she has done such a fabulous job. I have to harp on about ‘Taste of Blood’ btw – blood red carpets and pristine white walls is such an amazing mix, there were some good things about the sixties, let’s just forget the optimism. Oh, oh! And people said things like ‘My name’s Viv, short for Vivacious Viv – QUEEN OF THE GRIND’. AMAZING! Also, I attended the Catacomb a couple of weeks ago on the night now only known as Goth Xmas – of course, I stepped out in my finery serving Karen Walker realness – I even wore a faux-fur coat! ANT was Dj’ing along with the lovely Nomyx alongside the in-house regulars and I managed, after dancing my ass off, to walk away with a bottle of whisky! Thanks for a brilliant night guys!

Have you guys been following RuPaul recently? I just can’t help myself, after all, Covergirl (Macutchi Deep Taterz mix) is often featured in my sets, and ‘…Drag Race’ has done alot to bring attention to the culture in the mainstream – even if they do prefer to focus on fish (Thank goodness for Ms. Needles right!). Well, the release of RuPaul’s Allstars show got me thinking about his back catalogue and I ended up re-listening to ‘Supermodel’ thanks to the reminder issued by Manilla Luzon. I had forgotten about this kitsch and classic blend of Larry Tee and RuPaul, Atlanta legends. It’s bouncy, it’s catchy, trashy and all in all a brilliant dance track. Of course, when you pull at one thread you end up covered in a pile of old carpets – in this case, a bunch of persian rugs as I ended up re-discovering the music of some of my favourite punk rock and electro queens. All thanks to the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent of Ms. Paul!

Have you ever heard of the Wasp Women? No, not that terrible horror thriller about the dangers of cosmetic enhancement – we’ve all seen the cautionary tale that is Cher after all – HEY BITCH! Crack a smile, uh-oh, your eyebrows fell off! The Wasp Women were a group in part founded by members of legendary sixties drag troupe, The Cockettes. Preffering a more aggressive style, this Post-Punk curiosity were featured in the Waters-esque Whatever Happened to Susan Jane during a club scene. They performed two songs; ‘Kill Me’ and ‘I Don’t Need Your Attitude’ which seem to be their only surviving records, as the film appears to be the only surviving document attesting to their fierce visual extravaganza. If you head on over to the Disorder blog ( you can download the sampler which carries the two tracks taken from the film, it’s not great quality but who cares, it’s a perfect example of their bitchy vocals and mechanical drumming without having to spend years searching for vinyl that may not exist. Sooo fabulous! Here’s a link to an excerpt of their performance from …Susan Jane.

Over the next few weeks I will put up links to further artists I may even see if I can upload a sampler in a zip file for you to have a listen to.

Until then here are some dates for your calendar:

Psycho:Drama Friday 9th November @ the Hatchet on Frogmore Street:

Running From Zombies – Fantastic Punk group playing 15th November @The Mothers Ruin:!/events/114204352068559/?fref=ts

Burning Brightly: Girls Girls Girls – November 24th @ the Trinity Centre in Old Market:!/events/164542166987507/?fref=ts – DISCHARGE

The Wasp Women excerpt from Whatever Happened to Susan Jane?:

See you Friday….

Love and Bruises



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