Psycho:Drama ASYLUM ~ The aftermath! PLUS Dates for your calendar!

The heart is sweetest above all things! Courtesy of Michael Hill

Hallo darlings!

Only a few days have past since I last updated but it already seems like an age. The Psycho:Drama ASYLUM party was an absolute blast – if you weren’t there, you MUST be crazy!

Myself, DeadPunkBoy and ANT dropped off the decor the night before hand and I finished the day job early on the Friday ensuring much blood could be splattered on the walls. By the time we had finished with the venue, it looked like a scene from Carrie – No! Not the shower scene! We sliced up what seemed like a thousand white plastic shower curtains and pinned them to the walls, bar and doorways dripping with our store bought haemoglobin.

Tini Von Doom arrived looking sexually sepulchral resplendant in choppy blue wig with gore stained dress and green lips (two toned and to die for!) I, as promised, had prepared my own psychotic clown ensemble for the occasion, think Joker meets Hunger City; all chelsea smile and leopard furs! Delish, if I do say so myself 😉 ANT was dashing in red and black stripes and DeadPunkBoy, ever the handsome man was rocking the P:D surgical mask! Quick note: For the occasion, ANT had prepared a bunch of surgical masks with the Psycho:Drama logo. Our lovely friend Alice had also provided us with a whole bunch of specimen cups and jumbo syringes which were promoptly filled with pill sweets and cherry sourz respectively. This may explain my *slight* hangover.

A lovely visit from the Beacons, Icons and Dykons crowd was thoroughly enoyed! Mister Marshman and co (sadly without the lovely Betty Bruiser who was very tired after another incredible performance, this time featuring the tattooing skills of Penny Bizarre) danced, drank and spun with us for a spell until all that we could was collapse in a heap of bandages and bruises. God I love Psycho:Drama. It was such a lovely atmosphere as well, lots of friendly faces including of course, the afforementioned Penny Bizarre, who despite raging cold, came along to give us a smooch! We loves ya Penny!

Of course no Psycho:Drama could be complete without an innebriated stumble over to visit the lovely staff of the Queenshilling, who by the way, had donated a smoke machine for the evening (thank you Paul!!!!) A couple of drinks later, and a change of shoes, it was time for home. Lovely – and not too bad for a 4AM finish.

There are some fabulous pictures taken by Michael Hill and Camrakaze in the gallery at the bottom of this post 🙂


There are many things a-brewing! Did you read the issue of Talking Toxic with Tiger Tiger a while back? Good, then there’s no need to remind you about how AWESOME she is and when her next night of burlesque and booze will be, but just incase; It’s called GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS and it will be on the 24th of November -LINK:!/events/164542166987507/?fref=ts

Tomorrow night, all of you in the Nottingham area should go to this!/events/140145542797545/ curated by the wonderful Von Spook promotions! Trust me, it’s gonna be AWESOME!

For those of you in the Bristol are; Pink Kitten are also holding their annual Halloween bash on the 20th and gosh it’s set to be positively ghoulish:!/events/363208780399948/

Also, there is Halloween Cabaret at the Bierkellar on the 24th!!/events/292018814238177/?notif_t=plan_user_invited

Also, Great Scott, a rather sexualer boylkesquer is debuting his act very soon – go like his page for more details:

On a personal note, my lovely sister Tini Von Doom gave me an early Birthday present the other day – I could have died!!!! Personalised jewellery for moi by Bete Noire!!!! SQUEEEEEE  AND  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in  Chlorophyll Thank you beautiful, I love you!

Pestilence and pustules




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