Psycho:Drama ASYLUM, Beacons Icons and Dykons and Tini Von Doom @ London Fetish Weekend!

Wow, so much has been going on this week, if I didn’t have perfect poise you’d say I was rushed off my feet, on drugs or suffering from sort of breathless hysteria. Alas I am none of these things, no matter how many times I try to get the doctors to prescribe me something, they just WON’T! To catch you all up; following the superb madness that was X-RAY SPEKZ the lovely Psycho:Drama team are returning this month with an Asylum theme to celebrate goth xmas. DeadPunkBoy, ANT, Tini and myself will all be there, DJ’ing, dancing and drinking so scum on down and give us a squeeze! There’s a link to the event on FB in the comments, go join up now or I will come to your house and give you such a licking!

The same night we’re letting the inmates run the asylum, our friends at Beacons, Icons and Dykons are putting on a show at the Arnolfini at the Harbourside. Billed as ‘a playful ode to gay and queer cinema featuring performances, talks and surprises inspired by queer heroes and heroines in celluloid. Tonight the hero is writer and melancholy master of the bon mot, Quentin Crisp (1908-1999). A screening of the seminal documentary Resident Alien with Crisp as the archetypal Englishman in New York, will be supported by performances from Bette Bourne and Paul Shaw, known iconic gay rights activists spanning decades. Also featuring resident ‘Glitter Dispenser’ Liz Clarke and compere beyond compare Tom Marshman.’ You know it’s going to be AMAZING, and anyone attending this rather fabulous event will be allowed FREE entry, yes that’s FREE ENTRY to Psycho:Drama all night!!!! Oh how we spoil you! 😉

Also, the lovely, gorgeous and talented femme fatale, Tini Von Doom – Djane and alt. model will be stalking the boards at London Fetish Weekend (5th- 7th October) looking stunning! So if you’re reading this and you’re in the area go and say hi! Clap and applaud and be generally lovely because I and the rest of the Psycho:Drama team are so MASSIVELY PROUD OF HER!!!!!!!!! We love you Tini!!!!!!! Here’s a picture of her on the latest Psycho:Drama flyer….


Tini Von Doom looking sepulchral!


That’s all from me for the time being, but stay tuned for updates, bile and bitterness!

Bruises and bodily harm




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