Psycho:Drama ASYLUM ~ The aftermath! PLUS Dates for your calendar!

The heart is sweetest above all things! Courtesy of Michael Hill

Hallo darlings!

Only a few days have past since I last updated but it already seems like an age. The Psycho:Drama ASYLUM party was an absolute blast – if you weren’t there, you MUST be crazy!

Myself, DeadPunkBoy and ANT dropped off the decor the night before hand and I finished the day job early on the Friday ensuring much blood could be splattered on the walls. By the time we had finished with the venue, it looked like a scene from Carrie – No! Not the shower scene! We sliced up what seemed like a thousand white plastic shower curtains and pinned them to the walls, bar and doorways dripping with our store bought haemoglobin.

Tini Von Doom arrived looking sexually sepulchral resplendant in choppy blue wig with gore stained dress and green lips (two toned and to die for!) I, as promised, had prepared my own psychotic clown ensemble for the occasion, think Joker meets Hunger City; all chelsea smile and leopard furs! Delish, if I do say so myself 😉 ANT was dashing in red and black stripes and DeadPunkBoy, ever the handsome man was rocking the P:D surgical mask! Quick note: For the occasion, ANT had prepared a bunch of surgical masks with the Psycho:Drama logo. Our lovely friend Alice had also provided us with a whole bunch of specimen cups and jumbo syringes which were promoptly filled with pill sweets and cherry sourz respectively. This may explain my *slight* hangover.

A lovely visit from the Beacons, Icons and Dykons crowd was thoroughly enoyed! Mister Marshman and co (sadly without the lovely Betty Bruiser who was very tired after another incredible performance, this time featuring the tattooing skills of Penny Bizarre) danced, drank and spun with us for a spell until all that we could was collapse in a heap of bandages and bruises. God I love Psycho:Drama. It was such a lovely atmosphere as well, lots of friendly faces including of course, the afforementioned Penny Bizarre, who despite raging cold, came along to give us a smooch! We loves ya Penny!

Of course no Psycho:Drama could be complete without an innebriated stumble over to visit the lovely staff of the Queenshilling, who by the way, had donated a smoke machine for the evening (thank you Paul!!!!) A couple of drinks later, and a change of shoes, it was time for home. Lovely – and not too bad for a 4AM finish.

There are some fabulous pictures taken by Michael Hill and Camrakaze in the gallery at the bottom of this post 🙂


There are many things a-brewing! Did you read the issue of Talking Toxic with Tiger Tiger a while back? Good, then there’s no need to remind you about how AWESOME she is and when her next night of burlesque and booze will be, but just incase; It’s called GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS and it will be on the 24th of November -LINK:!/events/164542166987507/?fref=ts

Tomorrow night, all of you in the Nottingham area should go to this!/events/140145542797545/ curated by the wonderful Von Spook promotions! Trust me, it’s gonna be AWESOME!

For those of you in the Bristol are; Pink Kitten are also holding their annual Halloween bash on the 20th and gosh it’s set to be positively ghoulish:!/events/363208780399948/

Also, there is Halloween Cabaret at the Bierkellar on the 24th!!/events/292018814238177/?notif_t=plan_user_invited

Also, Great Scott, a rather sexualer boylkesquer is debuting his act very soon – go like his page for more details:

On a personal note, my lovely sister Tini Von Doom gave me an early Birthday present the other day – I could have died!!!! Personalised jewellery for moi by Bete Noire!!!! SQUEEEEEE  AND  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in  Chlorophyll Thank you beautiful, I love you!

Pestilence and pustules




Talking Toxic with Rainbow Down!

Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Talking Toxic! This time around we’re chatting with Electro/Solo/Homo artist Rainbow Down, Nottingham resident, beat pirate and purveyor of all things 8 bit.

How would you describe your music to the uninitiated?
electro for sad homos. gloom pop. macabre rave. spooks and clicks. it’s all throat, keys and machines and you should love it!

You’ve stuck to a very lo-fi method of production so far, making use of equipment as it becomes available and making records with a DIY approach. Has this been a conscious decision for you and if so how has this affected your work?
It’s not been intentional, i have worked with a producer in the past which was so very valuable for my progression as a solo artist finding their feet, as i learnt a lot about the mastering process and what goes on behind the scenes. but he was a mate doing it out of kindness and not always easy to get a hold of, so i started teaching myself more tricks and methods to produce my own stuff. it’s a lot easier not having to wait for someone else, especially when i’m experimenting with different ways to master my vocals to fit the music i write, but i would never be opposed to working with more experienced producers if the opportunity came along.

You have described yourself as an electro/homo/solo artist, how do you perceive your sexuality in terms of your artistic work?
I think my sexuality and my art go hand in hand. not to say it’s entirely relevant to my music but it’s something i would never hide. i don’t shove the fact i’m queer down anyone’s throat like it’s some incredible or profound message but i wouldn’t keep it secret either; for instance, i would never write a romantic love song to a woman, because that would be a lie. it’s important that a person can express themselves honestly in their art as well as owning the priviledge of creating fantasy and illusion. y’know, i have often questioned whether i’m isolating myself with that tagline especially as in all honesty, it started off as a joke, but i’m so attached to it now… plus, not only is it succinct, but it also rhymes. that’s a double win right there.

Do you think it’s harder for openly gay alternative acts to break out?
Well, if i have a think about who we can think about here first; Patrick Wolf, Kele, Jonsi of Sigur Ros all came out after they were established, but Perfume Genius was out from day one as was gay NYC rapper Cazwell. however, Perfume Genius and Cazwell are nowhere near as recognised, but their music doesn’t have the same mainstream appeal. some can use it as an advantage to acquire a fanbase and cover several spectrums though, whereas others seem to keep it to themselves before they get somewhere. it’s a really tough call to make as to whether it makes breaking out harder or not, but regardless of whether it’s harder or not i do think it’s ever so important that no one ever, ever makes the mistake of staying “in,” because then what happens when you come out? unless you get the chance to explain yourself, everyone’s going to think you were ashamed. so i don’t have a straight answer for that one, no pun intended. maybe ask me in 5 years when i’m still playing the Pride/Toilet Circuit!

You, like many other musicians, have been utilising social networking technology to keep in touch with your fans. The impact this discourse has had for musicians has been tremendous for contemporary performers such as Amanda Palmer, how do you feel it has benefitted yourself?
I think Amanda Palmer wrote the book on how to use twitter and iTunes to your personal advantage! but back to me, yes networking has helped. not as much as i might like, but i find it hard to adopt it as enough of a modern day religion perhaps. of late i’ve got some gigs just through fishing around on facebook though, so that’s something. soundclound and facebook have been my favourite mediums as far as publicity is concerned, but as a musician you kind of find yourself signing up to absolutely everything and trying to get as much coverage as possible but then you end up drowning a little and can’t tell if any of it’s really working. my advice? try to get as many as possible to link together. tumblr updates facebook updates twitter. and try your best to mourn the death of myspace, ’cause it’s just over, OK? it’s over.

Your album Primary was fantastic, I was glad to see you road-testing new material when I was last in Nottingham at the DirtyFilthySexy tent, how is work going on your next record?
Thank you! i forget about that collection of ditties, it feels like it was so long ago. the new material? it’s really, really good if i do say so myself. i’ve discovered a sound i’m really excited about and it’s been worth the wait and the constant writing to achieve it. i’ve also found a new recording space to use so expect new official releases very soon. it’s hard recording vocals in my house sometimes because the walls are so thin. hearing nextdoor running up and downstairs and the cars in the street is quite offputting, and i’m sure they lose their patience with me bellowing and wailing my way through takes too. but i have a lot of new and old material so i figured i’m going to maybe release a trilogy of EP’s over the course of the next few months that maybe tell a little story… while simultaneously getting as much of my material out in the ether as i can of course!

You’ve been performing a great deal recently, where can we see your gorgeous face next?                                                            Nothing lined up at the moment but absolutely anywhere you’d like to. i travel light. if you book me, i will come.

You can check out Rainbow Down at all these lovely places online:



Don’t forget, tomorrow is not one but TWO things!!!! Psycho:Drama is hosting its spooktacular Asylum party @ the Hatchet:!/events/426600570732837/

And… Beacons Icons and Dykons are hosting a night at the arnolfini and all attendees get into Psycho:Drama free:!/events/183826541742511/?fref=ts

Once again, a massive thank you to the lovely Rainbow Down!!! Make sure you check him out!

See you all tomorrow i’m sure

Buboes and Blasphemy



Black Lagoon Realness and Asylum Party Funtimes @ Psycho:Drama

So! The very talented and beautiful Janey Hayes (pictured above courtesy of Michael Hill) – who i’m sure you will remember spitting fire at X-RAY SPEKZ a couple of weeks ago – recently asked me, can you believe it, ME! to model some Creature of the Black Lagoon REALNESS!!!!! It’s all part of this major project she’s undertaking to become an officially recognised and fabulous MUA specialising in horror cosmetics. She created a most incredible body piece for a C3P0 costume at her last competition and came in second place (freaking travesty – I saw the work!), however, this time she’s got it licked!!!!!

Sat in the top bar of the Gryphon on Colston st. during another one of our delightful autumnal rain storms. The wind pounded against the windows like Hugh Grant with a hooker (No, we didn’t forget Hugh!) Miss Haynes, set about covering me in vaseline – you’re loving this already aren’t you?! and pouring cold blue alginate all over my face. As this set and airways were secured, I was then plastered with cotton wool balls – Did I also mention that I was wearing a bald cap? Delightful 🙂 The whole process was rather strange as not only was I not able to talk for what felt like an eternity, I felt oddly serene, as if being fitted for a relaxing death mask. Also, alginate has almost a eucalyptus effect on skin and once removed, everything feels somewhat tingly and new. It’s a bit like a facial but the sticky ending happens first.

I’ve posted some pictures of the casting below (taken by Miss Hayes who was incredibly professional throughout the whole endeavour and kept me nice and relaxed).

Oh, oh oh!!! We’re not done yet!!!! Don’t forget, Psycho:Drama’s ASYLUM party is on Friday. Myself, Tini, DeadPunkBoy and ANT will be spinning some classic tracks to keep your feet moving all night long, I’ve even  prepared a special costume for the event, it’s my ode to Arkham Asylum, those of you who have already signed up to the event on Facebook will have seen my posts of bloodied Harley Quinns, that’s a clue! Here’s a further teaser poster made by the amazing Michael Hill – I love this shot, SOOOOO FANTASTIC!!!! He modelled for the shot himself, don’t you just love it!!!!

That’s all from me for the time being, but don’t forget to sign up to the PD event:!/events/426600570732837/

and here’s Michael’s Flickr account:

Also, the Beacons, Icons and Dykons group are hosting a show this Friday at the Arnolfini, if you go there first, you get free entry to Psycho:Drama afterwards 🙂!/events/183826541742511/?fref=ts

Blood and Blisters



Talking Toxic with Tiger Tiger

Welcome to the first installment of Talking Toxic, my new interview segment! (Stop cheering, I’m gushing!!!!)

This time around, we’re doing the nasty with Tiger Tiger, Bristol burlesque legend and creator of Burning Brightly events. We’re talking really dirty things here, we’re talking Hula, we’re talking Feminism and we’re talking Lilo and Stitch… Oh yeah baby! Read on…..

Tell us a little bit about Burn Brightly Events, how did you get started?

I’ve been running events professionally and as a volunteer for about a decade, so when I started performing burlesque I knew eventually I would want to get into running burlesque shows. I didn’t want to assume I already knew what I was doing, as running events doesn’t necessarily qualify you to run burlesque shows and a lot of people just jump in and do it and run really poor shows as a result. I knew I wanted to run something big and theatrical, so I didn’t put on my first burlesque show until I had been performing almost two years and I was confident I knew what I was doing. As it was, that show was a massive success – we sold out and had to turn people away on the night. It was a charity show and we raised over £1500 for the charity. It was after that I decided to put on an annual charity show, and run other shows throughout the year to help bankroll the charity event.

Your shows are infamous in Bristol, I was lucky enough to get a seat at your Jungle Fever event. Have you got any projects in the pipeline?

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Jungle Fever was an awesome show, it was such a pleasure to work with everyone involved from the performers and crew to the stall holders – it all came together to make for an amazing atmosphere.

Our next show will be our November charity show, Girls Girls Girls! A Charity Night of Elvis-themed Burlesque. Beyond that, because of my other commitments my plans for 2013 are a commercial show on June 1st which will help bankroll our November charity show. I can reveal, exclusively, that will we be having a Latina theme to our June show and the line up is pretty much already confirmed. I’m really excited about it, there will be people on the bill I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. I’m also hoping to have the time to start running smaller shows as well to fill the time between the theatrical shows – what we like to call “down and dirty” shows, the kind above a pub or bar, that sort of thing. I’m currently planning one for December 20th – with an end of the world theme, as it’s the eve of the (supposed) Mayan end of the world. I’m hoping to have more details available on that show very soon!

As a performer you are quite multi-faceted, where do you get your inspiration and what drives you to perform?

My inspiration as a performer comes from a lot of different places and is as varied as my personal interests. I have acts that have been inspired by the song I use for it, I have some that have been inspired by films or literature and others that just come from an idea that’s popped into my head and grown from there. Some inspiration can come from unexpected places – one of my first acts, which is now my signature act, Too Hot To Hula, was actually inspired by the film Lilo and Stitch! I wanted to bring a Hawaii hula routine together with an Elvis song and it just came together like it was meant to be.

I’m a creative person, I have performed on and off since my early teens in one way or another and I’m also a writer – so I can’t explain what drives me to perform – the need to create perhaps. It’s just like my writing, it’s something I have to do, because something inside me will wither if I don’t.

What has been your greatest moment performing or otherwise in your career so far?

Every now and then as a performer, you have a great show and those are the ones that really stick with you, I’ve been really lucky to be on the same bill as many performers I admire greatly. So I have so many good memories from performing and when I’m 80 I know I will be able to look back and go “wow that was me, I did those things” and remember the good times and I’m hoping to have many great moments ahead of me. But looking back now, I think it has to actually be the charity show I put on last year – Who Wants To Live Forever: A Charity Night of Queen-themed Burlesque in aid of the Mercury Phoenix Trust. I was compere at the show and I led the audience in a singalong to Bohemian Rhapsody, to have so many people really enjoying themselves really rocked. The atmosphere was sensational and even now I have people tell me that was their favourite part of the show.

How do you perceive the contemporary burlesque circuit, has it changed much since you started out?

It has definitely changed. I first saw burlesque in the mid 2000s but didn’t get into it myself until early 2010 after taking lessons in 2009. At the time it was changing, I was one of many girls getting into it at the time as it was starting to come into the mainstream. But since then the Burlesque movie and the rise in available classes has meant a massive influx of new performers. Some are amazing, but unfortunately some aren’t and many are willing to perform for free so it’s making it harder for those of us trying to get paid shows.

The burlesque scene has become greatly popular especially with the meteoric rise of such performers as Dita Von Teese or the Porcelain Twins – how do you think this has affected the art form?

As an art I think it has become a lot better known and more accepted in the mainstream, which has opened it up to a bigger audience who might not have seen a show previously. Alongside that, burlesque is now wider known in the general public so this has meant that there are lots of different shows on offer now with a really varied audience. It also means that performers are coming into the burlesque scene from other art forms, enriching it with their backgrounds in performance art, ballet, tap, bellydance, fire and circus skills.

Quite a few burlesque performers have come under heavy fire for calling themselves feminists, personally I think that the larger portion of the burlesque scene embodies an empowerment structure, what do you think?

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a feminist, and I have written a couple of articles on feminism and burlesque for the website ( 05/12/burlesque-feminism-and-superheroines/ and burlesque-as-a-feminist-act-revisited/). And you’re right – although I shy away from using the word empowerment, there is a strong argument for burlesque being a feminist act. I know some feminists don’t sit comfortably with the idea of burlesque – which is something I’ve tried to address as a feminist who performs burlesque. To me, the fact that women in this country have the freedom to perform burlesque if they so choose, is feminist. I think that the very act of burlesque itself can be feminist. In my second article I have addressed feminism within the industry of burlesque and really I think it’s just as feminist (or not) as any other walk of life. Women who perform burlesque are not being exploited, they are not being objectified, they are taking pleasure in their bodies and passing that pleasure onto their audiences – what can be more feminist than that!

Now, where can our readers see you in the coming months?

Locally, I will next be performing at my own Burn Brightly show – Girls Girls Girls! A Charity Night of Elvis-themed Burlesque on Saturday 24th November at the Trinity in Bristol (http:// This show means a lot to me because we are raising money for St Peter’s Hospice who nursed a friend of mine last year, I’m sure she would love the show and I’m honoured that so many of her friends and family will be coming to it.

Beyond that I will shortly be updating my diary with new bookings so readers can check back for more gigs in the future! –

Massive hugs and kisses to Tiger Tiger and don’t forget to check our Burning Brightly and the Burlesque diary for further info 🙂

Bruises and Bile




Psycho:Drama ASYLUM, Beacons Icons and Dykons and Tini Von Doom @ London Fetish Weekend!

Wow, so much has been going on this week, if I didn’t have perfect poise you’d say I was rushed off my feet, on drugs or suffering from sort of breathless hysteria. Alas I am none of these things, no matter how many times I try to get the doctors to prescribe me something, they just WON’T! To catch you all up; following the superb madness that was X-RAY SPEKZ the lovely Psycho:Drama team are returning this month with an Asylum theme to celebrate goth xmas. DeadPunkBoy, ANT, Tini and myself will all be there, DJ’ing, dancing and drinking so scum on down and give us a squeeze! There’s a link to the event on FB in the comments, go join up now or I will come to your house and give you such a licking!

The same night we’re letting the inmates run the asylum, our friends at Beacons, Icons and Dykons are putting on a show at the Arnolfini at the Harbourside. Billed as ‘a playful ode to gay and queer cinema featuring performances, talks and surprises inspired by queer heroes and heroines in celluloid. Tonight the hero is writer and melancholy master of the bon mot, Quentin Crisp (1908-1999). A screening of the seminal documentary Resident Alien with Crisp as the archetypal Englishman in New York, will be supported by performances from Bette Bourne and Paul Shaw, known iconic gay rights activists spanning decades. Also featuring resident ‘Glitter Dispenser’ Liz Clarke and compere beyond compare Tom Marshman.’ You know it’s going to be AMAZING, and anyone attending this rather fabulous event will be allowed FREE entry, yes that’s FREE ENTRY to Psycho:Drama all night!!!! Oh how we spoil you! 😉

Also, the lovely, gorgeous and talented femme fatale, Tini Von Doom – Djane and alt. model will be stalking the boards at London Fetish Weekend (5th- 7th October) looking stunning! So if you’re reading this and you’re in the area go and say hi! Clap and applaud and be generally lovely because I and the rest of the Psycho:Drama team are so MASSIVELY PROUD OF HER!!!!!!!!! We love you Tini!!!!!!! Here’s a picture of her on the latest Psycho:Drama flyer….


Tini Von Doom looking sepulchral!


That’s all from me for the time being, but stay tuned for updates, bile and bitterness!

Bruises and bodily harm




Sooooooooooooooo many of you will know that over the past 3 months I have been working my leopard-print ass to the bone putting together an EXTRAVAGANZA now known as X-RAY SPEKZ. An evening of burlesque celebrating B-Movie and sci-fi culture in association with Nice ‘n’ Naughty Bristol, Psycho:Drama and Alias-X MUA with proceeds from the door going to the SAFE foundation.

Producing pop-up nights to fit with a specific theme needs a great deal of planning and the perfect team. Luckily I have worked with a number of performers, Dj’s, photographers and very supportive friends over the years who I could count on to help me bring this idea from inception to completion. This was also the case when we put together our first event earlier this year, Speakeasy in February.

Let’s talk performers. Initially, we had 8 performers (1 of which would not be revealed until the show started) Screaming Keating, Lou Leigh Blue (both veterans of Speakeasy) Ruby Roseblade, Tiger Tiger, Penny Bizarre, Pariah Circus and Venus Noir and a wonderful fire breather; Janey Hayes. Due to circumstances beyond their control, unfortunately Pariah Circus and Ruby Roseblade were unable to perform but still came along to support the event.

Before I go further, it is worth note that Ruby Roseblade is the reason this event truly came together – she was the inspiration for the whole thing! Ruby, AKA Sophie Mangham, earlier this year did something amazing – she flew all the way out to India with the SAFE Foundation to support their wonderful work as a volunteer. When she arrived back we talked for a long time about her experiences and decided then and there that our beneficiaries for any future event would have to be SAFE.

I have worked for the past three years with two amazing men, DeadPunkBoy and Dj ANT who run Psycho:Drama. Tini Von Doom; alt. model extraordinaire, MUA (Alias-X) and now Dj also recently joined their ranks after the departure of the wonderful DJ STR8 who is having a little’un! It was a natural choice to work with them all on X-RAY SPEKZ. DeadPunkBoy is not only a fantastic DJ, he is also an incredible photographer and it was his shots of Ruby Roseblade used for the all the promotional material; flyers, posters and FB/Venue event listings. These guys are great – professional, wonderful to work with and partners in toxic crime! They were with me every step of the way, re-blogging the event, flyering and of course playing the music that kept our patrons dancing all night. ANT even drove my colleague and I down to the venue on the night with our stock and decorating materials and Tini, whilst also DJ’ing, was beating face for the performers. Not at the same time I should point out, that could lead to some unusual accidents :p Bristol resident and DJ for the now sadly passed Dystopia, Frozen Napalm also joined our DJ line-up. Fantastic! He even played an old favourite of mine, Olive’s ‘You’re not Alone’. He and his lovely partner Bridge were instrumental in the set-up of the night, lending a hand to decoration and balloon preparation along with the wonderful Michael Hill and Rich Barakat (who were AMAZING!!!! I couldn’t have done this without you guys!!!!!)

Dirty Filthy Sexy, Nottinghams legendary gay alt. night were also booked to travel down and work with us on X-RAY SPEKZ, but due to factors beyond their control, were unable to make the journey – personally I blame Kathy Griffin, I don’t know why, I just do!

Camrakaze AKA Chris Banfield AKA Daddy Dis-Charge played paparazzo for the evening, he took all the shots for Speakeasy and did a wonderful job – this time around was no exception (look at the bottom of this post for links). The lovely Michael also took some incredible shots during the course of the evening whilst running around to help me out (seriously I may rename the guy super Michael especially after he dashed out into town with Barakat to find drawing pins… which I already had but misplaced only to be found shortly after they arrived back at the venue… my bad! Sorry!)

Now, let’s talk about Machete Rose! The girl kicks ass, she’s got pins for days, is an amazing performer and one hell of a compere – she did all the emcee’ing for Speakeasy. This time around she took up duties with myself introducing the acts and was a bit of a rock for me up there (if I haven’t thanked you properly yet I send you massive hugs and lipstick kisses!!!!) She’s also going to be performing with Screaming Keating for a bloody halloween performance in the coming weeks. We were even accessorised accordingly – black and silver, so hot I was gushing, I nearly flooded the top floor!!!!

And now to the performances…. Kicking off with Screaming Keating’s Bela Lugosi’s Not Dead a macabre, sexy and sizzling strip-tease featuring church bells and Bauhaus, the house… fell… DOWN!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! Last time, he performed this incredible tap routine to Putting on the Ritz, it was so good – if you missed it, where were you??? Lou Leigh Blue was next up, unfortunately she had died in the backstage area so we had to rely on the power of crowd sourced voodoo to resurrect her from the grave! SHE’S A MUMMY!!!! Bandages everywhere, dust and dervish spins, hip movements that no corpse should perform and gyrations that its said, woke further creatures from the dead. Blue NAILED IT! What else could you expect though, she’s a bit of a legend in these parts, recently she was event part of an exhibition, rendered in oils for People Like Us on Park street. Tiger Tiger, curator of Burning Brightly events is an ANIMAL! I had recently run a stall at her Jungle Fever event in Trinity, she’s such a doll to work with and hell, can the girl rock a trench coat monkey mouth ensemble!!!! I’ve never seen a planet of the apes strip-tease before, HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! The show was nuts, it had everything, Banana pasties, pictures of apes, prosthetics!!! Seriously, if you missed this I bet you’re kicking yourself now, better get yourself down to her BB show in November then. Penny Bizarre graced our stage next and after a problem with our decks (handled expertly by ANT) and handled like a pro by Miss Bizarre, we were set to go with her homage to Blaxploitation – referencing Coffy, Cleopatra Jones and all those phenomenal films from the seventies where flares were stylish and ‘fros were big enough to count as cloud cover! OUTSTANDING! Our headliner, Venus Noir, is a knock-out! (BTW: Turn this post into a drinking game – each time I use an exclaimation mark or capital letters have a drink – you may need a stomach pump by the end of this) A fetish model, and runner up in the Burlesque games earlier this year, she represented a dark glamour this evening – a true MISTRESS OF THE DARK (Drink up now). That’s right, Venus performed a soon to be legendary Elvira routine, I COULD HAVE DIED!!!! So amazing!

Once the stage was cleared we did our curtain call and a tearful Miss Roseblade was brought up for a tearful bow for inspiring the event. I couldn’t have been happier, such an amazing evening, despite little technical hitches. We had torrential rain to contend with as well, still managing to raise a nice chunk of money for SAFE – I still need to count through it but if I remember correctly by our lovely doorman, Psycho-Andy’s count, it came to just over £180! It was now announced that our lovely fire performer Janey Hayes would be breathing fire outside – ready to light your cigarettes and set fire to the unnattractive!

The night was fantastic, and my head-dress was GORGEOUS! You know it!! After we danced and drank for a couple of hours with our performers and patrons at the Hatchet, it was time for the after-party so we headed over to the Queenshilling. Time to unwind, dance around to songs from Grease with Sharon and talk taking over the world!

Thank you guys for doing such an amazing job on X-RAY SPEKZ and for all your support!

Here’s an excellent teaser video my gorgeous partner Luke made of the performances:

Open sores and gutter mouthes



Jed Phoenix and the manor house

So, a couple of weeks ago – last Monday to be precise, I was asked by the lovely Tini Von Doom ( make-up artist and model extraordinaire, to play MUA on Jed Phoenix’s first ever fashion video! It was a long day held up by terrible weather which delayed our arrival as well as that of two of our models but absolutely fantastic all the same.

We started out at around quarter to six, wonderfully, no taxi would pick us up so myself and Tini had to trek across Bristol to our ride at Temple Meads in the pouring rain. Once we arrived to meet the lovely Phoenix and James Artaius, a little soggy and tired but glad to be out of the rain and in good company, we began the journey to North Cadbury and the set of the shoot – a beautiful stately manor currently being transformed into a guest house of sorts.

Once there, and after a short meet and greet with the lovely Jed Phoenix (!/pages/Jed-Phoenix-of-London/209546261874?fref=ts) and our directors Mel Jones and Claire Hurst, we got down to business. Tini made herself over for the Geisha shoot whilst I beat face for Phoenix and James. The set up, whilst a little cold in the basement, was perfect and soon warmed up once the lights were on. A simple Byōbu and candles against a sparce white room acted as the perfect backdrop to the gorgeously tailored designs Jed had prepared – classic Kimono robes in a pallet of black, red and blue. The models looked beautiful and, without giving away the entire concept of this first film (there are three), their ritualistic motions and subtle movements really suited the high drama of the clothes.

After a few finishing touches to make-up and the removal of one deceased lizard, Katra (a beautiful young lady and one of the stars of todays filming) and I headed outside for a breath of fresh air. Katra, who had travelled all the way down from Barry for the shoot, had been up since 5am with Jed, Mel and Claire to help prepare the shoot and make us sandwiches and goody bags *YUM* 🙂

Our second set of models arrived after suffering the same problem as us; torrential rain had caused flooding and delays as well as cancelled trains and traffic jams. I set to work on Rosie (Jed’s intern/model) and Kyle.

Round two kicked off with Kyle (looking very dashing) in a tailored bondage suit with royal purple flourishes, I set to work on a freshly shaven James upstairs, who in between nipple rubbing kept me in hysterics as I painted him up. Rosie had now donned her bustle skirt piece with it’s thirties touches and looked stunning. Tini had now transformed herself from jet black to red head and looked stunning in her fetishistic military suit in preparation for the third act. We were running a tad behind schedule thanks to the weather but Mel and Claire were phenomenal all the way through, in fact they rocked! In downtime and between cigarettes I acted as lightstand to help out as well as occasional mirror polisher 🙂 Totally worth it, I loved every second of it in fact!

Katra, who had been shooting a couple of pieces with Kyle at the beginning of the second half, now also donned the bustle skirt as worn by Rosie for a seduction/domination scene with James -the girl ROCKS an icy stare and gimp mask combo!

It was coming up to 10pm and god were we tired so thankfully we were able to raid the coffee and sneak a little pick me up before we had to finish everything up and pack all the equipment away.

The shoot was excellent and Phoenix was kind enough to drop myself, Tini and Katra back in Bristol – Kyle dropped the lovely Rosie at the station and made his way back to Essex – I dread to think what time he got home!

It was such a pleasure to work on this shoot – my first of this nature, of course I’m gutted I couldn’t use a couple of stocking masks and give everyone my trade mark barely there lip line :p but I had such a blast and can’t wait to see the final product!

Lots of love to Jed Phoenix, Mel Jones and Claire Hurst for getting this all together!

Open sores and bleeding wounds

Dis Charge